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            Jiangxi gathered into biological technology co., LTD Is located in beautiful, and full of jiangxi yongfeng. Here is the country of northern song dynasty big literary giant ouyang xiu, is now the national pharmaceutical industry structing. Gathered into a company is a collection of scientific research, production, sales for the integration of modern high-tech enterprises. The company quality first, credit standing, strong quality, tree image, strict internal management, improve service quality, adapted to modern enterprise system is established, the internal operation mechanism of stimulated enterprise internal vitality, sales show vitality, a step in January, a year a big leap.

            Companies adhering to the "sales tips, credibility first" business philosophy, efforts to expand the market, sales network throughout the country. Companies adhere to the "unified national price, humanized service" sales policy for the national distributors to provide quick and thoughtful service. We are upholding "keep faith, unity, pragmatic, win-win" spirit of enterprise, continuous reform and innovation, forge ahead, strive for the Chinese healthy skin. Times are changing, but our cooperation, in the sunrise of the new period, to expect to join hands in creating a better future with you.


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